Why New Zealanders will find Djibouti attractive to visit

Certain peoples have certain interests. There are nations that are attracted towards business. There are nations that want to have good relations with their neighbor countries. Certain nations have interest in visiting different countries for different purposes. Some want to go and establish their own business in the other countries. Some want to go there just for the sake of enjoyment and some want to explore the world. New Zealanders are amongst these nations that have the interest in visiting countries for different purposes. People from New Zealand get attracted towards different countries either for just visiting the country; they may get inspired by the culture of the nation or may be the economy and many more.


The Republic of Djibouti is located in the continent Africa. The country shares its borders with Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, the Red Sea and lastly the Gulf of Aden. The country is recognized as one of the major country in the region. It has a strong economy and attracts people from around the world and specially New Zealanders.


The economic standing of the country is very significant in the region. The whole economy major depends on the service activities. This is due to the strategic location of the country. In Northeast Africa Djibouti is considered as a free trade zone. Two-third majority of the people in the country are the inhabitants of the capital. The remaining of the actual population are mostly the nomadic people. Another major source for strengthening the economy of the country is the production of vegetable and fruit. But some of the times due to slight rainfalls these are just limited to a certain extent and most of the food is to be imported from other neighboring countries. Djibouti is considered very important when it comes to the seaports that it contains. These ports have a dual importance. They are used for the transportation purposes in the region as well as for transshipments of international level. They are also their as a refueling center for the international transshipments. The country also has some natural resources and a small industry related to that as well. Therefore the nation is very much dependent on the assistance that is provided by the international partners and they help Djibouti and support it in every aspect. These countries also support Djibouti by financing the development projects that are currently running in the country. New Zealand is amongst one of the countries that support Djibouti the most and therefore the New Zealanders often visit Djibouti.


Djibouti has very strong cultural values. The culture of the country is also one of the major sources of attracting people from all over the world specially the New Zealanders. The clothing of the Djiboutian people shows the climate of the country that is very hot and arid. Typically the men, if they are not dressed in western clothes like jeans and t-shirts, often wear macawiis. Macawiis is type of garment which has some resemblance with the sarong and is worn around the waist. The art of Djibouti is usually passed onwards or is conserved through songs. The local buildings that have plasterwork and calligraphy in them often reflect the Islamic, Ottoman and French persuasion in them. This rich culture is very attractive to New Zealanders.